EX-TREMISTS – the heroes who let go of their fear

Hybrid theatre for teenagers about two kinds of heroes.

EX-TREMISTS – the heroes who let go of their fear

Those who lost their stage fright and act without inhibitions and moreover, about those who act bravely and honorably.

EX-TREMISTS – the heroes who let go of their fear

An interactive performance where actors become viewers and viewers become actors.

Description of the play

“Remember, you never know who is sitting next to you. It may be a true hero, a common good person, or maybe a coward. However, the most important answer is, which side of the ex-tremists you will pick. Will you answer that question for yourself when facing situations that really happened…?”

The original play springs from the acute need of younger people to navigate through basic human values in a world of globalisation, conspiracy media and activity of extremist groups. The play is mainly aimed at grammar school and college youth around 15 ̶ 25 years of age, or for adults, respectively. The play utilises attractive modern technologies. Due to the atypical form of the play, the capacity of the audience is limited to a maximum of 45 people.

Creative team:

Author: Jana Mikitková
Dramaturgy: Ján Fakla
Song lyrics and music: Jakub Pohle
Scene, costumes: Dušan Krnáč
Physical theatre assistance: Michaela Motlochová
Technical assistance: Vladimír Slaninka
Graphics: Tomáš Eniac Cíger
Direction: Jana Mikitková and coll.


Michaela Piesyk as Belívia, girlfriend of Pavol C., Klementína, Judge
Marek Lupták as David P., Pavol C., Joker Anonymous, Prosecutor, Defender
Jana Mikitková as the guide
Dušan Krnáč as the Grandpa
Jakub Pohle
Ema Rajčanová
Ján Levoslav Benčík
Šimon Mažáry
Filip Mordych
and students in the audience as Jánošík, J. Tiso, G. Soros, V. Orbán, Štefan W., P. Adamowicz, journalist, conscripts and the court senate


October 25th 2019, A. Kmeť Gymnasium, Banská Štiavnica
October 26th 2019, Rubigall Club, Banská Štiavnica

The creation of the script was supported from public funding, by form of scholarship, by the Slovak Arts Council.

The play is a part of the project of Banská Štiavnica 2019: Identity Renovation, supported from public funding by the Slovak Arts Council.

The play talks about the true stories of the contemporary Slovak youth both at home and abroad. It was created in cooperation with students of grammar schools and colleges, and, in turn, is aimed at them. During its conception, the form of the play was created with regards to this fact. We have chosen hybrid theatre, where the script turns viewers into actors and actors into viewers. This form pulls the students into the story and makes them not only think, but also make decisions. Every decision influences the further development of the play. We have chosen various (anti)heroes and it is only on the viewer to either pick the one(s) they believe and marks their acts as the positive extreme (brave and honorable) or fall victim to purposeful misinformation, renounces democratic values and gives their vote to a false hero. This unique play offers the chance to find a way through topics such as propaganda, misinformation, militia or religious fundamentalism. The first 3 reprises on schools in Banská Štiavnica have already convinced us that this play is very necessary and contemporary, and, sadly, not just for adolescents.

Jana Mikitková