WELCOME TO STUPIDITY – sad street show

Small stupidities with a big impact!

WELCOME TO STUPIDITY – sad street show

Music-physical nonverbal performance about small nonsenses with big impact.

WELCOME TO STUPIDITY – sad street show

Caution, stupidity can kill!

Description of the play

„It is a right to die because of one’s own stupidity.“ Samo Marec

Non-verbal music-physical theatre street show of the incorrigible Savior and the ordinary Garbage man, who decided to save the world. Humorous situations full of situational gags will guide you through a dynamic story starting with being recklessly stunned by a new visionary, through an unexpected threat, all the way to sobering up from a flock attitude thanks to using your wits. Caution, the prevalence of (un)common human stupidity and its irrational symptoms can have tragic consequences! Is there anybody who can save us from the savior?
The production is suitable for all ages, optimally from 8 years old.

Creative team:

Libretto: Ján Fakla & Jana Mikitková
Music: Tomislav Koprivčević
Physical assistance: Michaela Motlochová
Tachnical assistence: Vladimír Slaninka
Scene, costumes, promo design: Dušan Krnáč
Direction: Jana Mikitková


Featuring a new and amazing comedic duo that met for the first time thanks to the Ensemble of Irregular Theatre.

Pavol Seriš as the man of clay (SK/CZ) will do a hundred tricks with one body &
Tomislav Koprivčević as the multi-music-man (HR/SK) will play anything that both plays and does not play! Enjoy this quality training of your brains and laughing muscles alike!


July 17th 2021, P.O. Hviezdoslav City Theatre, Bratislava (in cooperation with BKIS)
July 18th 2021, The Garden – Center of Independent Culture, Banská Bystrica

The creation of this performance was supported from public funding, by form of scholarship, by the Slovak Arts Council.
The performance was supported from public funding by the Slovak Arts Council.

The three worst displays of stupidity:

Ignorance and overconfidence
The highest category of stupidity. It includes people who start doing things without having the necessary knowledge or any required experience.*

Lack of self-control
The middle level of stupidity. It is often displayed with people who submit to their impulses easily.

The lightest level of stupidity. People who belong here are those who are simply not paying attention.

Source: Eduworld.sk https://bit.ly/2Vat66b

*Dunning-Kruger effect
is a type of cognitive error where less qualified people, or people with low skills and/or competence in a given area significantly overstate their abilities and effort compared to others. These people have more trouble identifying their real abilities which is caused especially by a lack of their metacognitive abilities. On the other hand, qualified people tend to undervalue their abilities and overestimate the powers of others. This occurrence was discovered in 1999 by David Dunning and Justin Kruger. For describing this phenomenon, they have been awarded the Ig Nobel prize in 2000.

Source: Wikipedia https://bit.ly/2XyPszz

Ján Fakla

Co-author of libretto