A new original cabaret about our state of mind towards the conflict of selfishness vs. solidarity


A collage of authentic situations from the life of the actors


Stories to the bone

Description of the play

A collage of authentic situations from the life of the actors in the form of various genres, such as physical theatre, voice-band, stand-up, chanson, or protest-song. The play is inspired by the works of both well-known and upstart authors of three generations. The sermon was written by Michal Havran, personal experience and “professional help” was provided by the psychiatrist Péter Hunčík, the absurd slapstick about men expressing “solidarity” towards pregnant women was undertaken by the young script-writer Jana Ondrušová, and Mikuláš Sliacky provided his cartoons. The up-to-date satire of the song lyrics was written by Fero Malec and transformed into tunes by the actors of the Kremnica Theatre Underground under the supervision of Andrea Bučko, creating the K&K BAND in the process. Stories to the bone.


Authors: Michal Havran, Péter Hunčík, Jana Ondrušová, and the ensemble of actors of the Kremnica Theatre Underground/AND.
Script and dramaturgy: Ján Fakla
Scene and costumes: Dušan Krnáč
Caricatures: Mikuláš Sliacky
Music: Andrea Bučko
Song lyrics: František Malec
Physical theatre assistance: Michaela Motlochová
Light and Sound: Eniac
Actors: Alica Bukovčanová, Tereza Mandzáková, Jakub Matejčík, Miroslav Mihálek, Dominika Sándorová, Dušan Krnáč
Director: Jana Mikitková


30. september 2016 at 17:00 – Rubigall, Banská Štiavnica
17. november 2016 at 17:00 – MsKS, Kremnica

The play was supported from public funding by the Slovak Arts Council.


Searching for the form of new cabaret in the practice of the rehearsal process was an adventurous and challenging vision. In the beginning, we had four questions. Who was the person that expressed the most solidarity towards me? Who was the one that received my utmost solidarity? Who was the most selfish towards me and towards whom was I the most selfish? Four blank advertising spaces were formed. There, we reveal our personal experiences with selfishness and solidarity in order to become better people. Or is our highest solidarity expressed towards ourselves?

Jana Mikitková



Selfishness is a positive, primordial trait which is necessary in order to survive. One is not born with solidarity, we learn it through upbringing and socialisation.

Péter Hunčík